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Case Study Tenerity ID theft SOS

ID Theft SOS: How to win customer preference and loyalty with ID protection

Results from the "ID theft SOS" consumer pulse survey

In an ever-evolving and complex digital landscape, consumers recognize the risks and threats presented by identity theft. Most are not protected, woefully underprepared, and ill-equipped to deal with identity theft. Read the ID Theft SOS report to understand consumer concerns, awareness, and confidence around ID theft and to uncover if there is the opportunity for businesses to help their customers with protection against the threats of ID theft by including (bundling) ID theft protection services.

Report Snap Shot

  • ID theft is a significant concern for consumers
  • Consumers have good knowledge of the different types of ID theft
  • Consumers know ID theft happens, but they are ill-equipped to deal with the aftermath
  • Inclusion of ID theft protection creates differentiation and drives preference