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Report VML - What should I consider when shaping my D2C strategy?

Going direct? What CPG brands need to know about going beyond D2C

What should I consider when shaping my D2C strategy?

In this new report, VML's Global CPG Lead, Yann Gautier explores what has held back CPG organisations moving into D2C and presents the 5 areas that can transform your D2C operations. We draw on Shopify’s & VML’s deep experience supporting countless CPG organisations globally. Innovation, personalisation and trialling new products all play their part but, the fact is, it’s about going beyond the confines of the traditional D2C playbook. Whilst that can be challenging, this guide keeps it simple, focusing on the key areas to get right.

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  • Five areas where D2C can transform CPG brand operations
  • Practical steps to take in your D2C journey
  • Fear of channel conflict with existing retailers and distributors