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Webinar Brightspot

On-Demand Webinar featuring Brightspot, CMSWire & Winterberry Group

Join us as we dive into the findings of our complete content management system (CMS) guide, commissioned by Winterberry Group, which explores the CMS landscape and how your business can evolve to deliver standout digital experiences.

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How the CMS landscape has changed over time

Learn about the transformation of CMS platforms from simple web-page management tools to versatile platforms that enable personalized digital experiences across multiple touchpoints.


Key factors to consider when choosing a CMS

Explore factors such as cost of ownership, data security, compliance and supporting features like analytics, AI/ML automation and integrations that should be taken into account when evaluating different CMS types.


The capabilities needed to deliver top-notch digital experiences

Gain knowledge about the importance of omnichannel content support, AI-powered content creation and data-driven personalization in CMS platforms, as identified by Winterberry Group.