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Report Conviva Conviva’s State of Streaming Q3 2021

Conviva's State of Stream: Social Guide for Streaming 2022

The increasing interest in streaming by consumers

Given that streaming consumption has increased 266% over the past three years and so many people predicted the pandemic lockdown period to be the pinnacle, it’s almost inconceivable that it continued to grow this quarter. But it did—up 21% over Q3 2020.

Report Snap Shot

  • Quality impacts quantity: Engagement and quality of the experience for viewers are highly correlated with viewers tuning out as buffering increases or picture quality declines.
  • Buffering begone: Q3 2021 marks the first quarter that all six regions measured tallied buffering under 1%, after significant improvements in recent quarters.
  • Big screen domination persisted: Despite seeing a slight decrease in share over Q3 of last year, big screens still accounted for almost three quarters of viewing time worldwide.