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Report STUDENT BEANS Back to School: A Guide for Marketing Managers

Back to School: A Guide for Marketing Managers

During their college years, students develop loyalties to brands that will last their entire lives. It’s a short window to make an impression - but it starts earlier than you think.

If Back to School 2020 was characterized by adapting to the new normal, the 2021 season will be driven by embracing the new strange. A whole new cohort of college students are set to arrive on campuses across the country in one of the biggest transitions of their lives. As a marketer, this is your chance to make that first impression – while also nurturing existing students further along in their studies. After a year of COVID-19, you owe it to them to make this Back to School season as spectacular as possible – and with the right campaign, they’ll reward you with loyalty that lasts well beyond their college years.

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  • 65% of students get ideas of things to buy from social media.