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Report mTab 3 Game Changing Benefits of a Research Data Warehouse

3 Game Changing Benefits of a Research Data Warehouse

How market researchers are becoming the source of critical insights that revolutionise products, improve customer experience, and change the direction of their business.

Today, companies are commissioning more research data than ever before and market research professionals are under pressure to rapidly turn data into insights at lightning speed whilst improving ROI. However, given the decentralised nature of research purchasing and consumption within large organisations, data is often purchased and stored across departments and its full value is never realised. This report explores the trends in market research that are increasing the importance of research professionals’ bedrock skills.

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  • How to break down the silos to eliminate duplicative research, get the most out of your budgets and increase speed of data analysis.
  • Top tips to improve turnaround - to analyse data in a timely manner and produce real-time critical business insights