How Quality Content Can Improve Visibility

Friday, March 2, 2018

The increase of online visibility is a foundation of any successful website marketing plan. Combined with building trust among the target audience, it is a key aspect of customer conversion.

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How Quality Content Can Improve Your Blog Visibili

The best way to achieve that is SEO, but when it comes to search engines (such as Google) ranking a website higher than the competition, high-quality content is what makes the difference.

SEO and High-Quality Content

Quality content by itself is not enough; it cannot replace SEO, but can be a valuable tool in captivating the audience’s attention, and that way, gaining more leads and profit increase.

Google and the other search engines are trying to provide the best possible experience to all the users by showing the most relevant search results. But, they have their limitations; their algorithms can assess a pages’ relevance by the keywords and other indicators, but not by the quality of content. That is where they heavily rely on the users’ behaviour, and by analyzing it, they determine the content quality. In other words, in order for a website to be more visible, its content must be both SEO-optimized, and provide high value to the user.

Besides, with continual change in the Google algorithm, a high place in the rankings today (based on good SEO) doesn’t guarantee that same position tomorrow. The slightest change might lead to a fall in the rankings or even complete disappearance from the results. That is where quality content shows its importance, and presents the only thing that keeps the website rankings.

The more quality content there is, the more people will use it as a resource and link to it. This will gradually lead to stronger links and better positioning.

What Exactly IS High-Quality Content?

Content creation is crucial in any content marketing plan.

According to BusinessWire;

62% of the Millennials feel that online content drives their loyalty to a brand.


This allows for marketers to build a reputation, generate leads, increase loyalty, etc. by pushing content to the target audience. High-quality content not only strengthens content marketing; it augments the whole brand image. This is characterized by:

  1. A lot of shares.
  2. Actionable information.
  3. Comprehensiveness.
  4. Long lasting.
  5. Deliverance of the sustainable long-term results.
  6. Differentiation of the brand.
  7. Building credibility for the business

Although high-quality content works every time, it can be difficult for businesses (especially small ones) to constantly deliver it. A great way to overcome this kind of obstacle is outsourcing. There are great services that can constantly deliver such content and keep up with the high-quality standards.

Increase of Traffic

The higher the ranking of the website in search engines, the higher the traffic. According to Imforza, search is the biggest source of traffic for content sites. Better positioning leads to more visits, and that leads to more shares of website content, more followers, increase of customers and sales. All in all, it leads to the growth of business.

Publishing content, that will link to the primary website, on other websites, is a good way to build link network and increase the number of visits. Posting on social media, guest posting, article marketing, are all good ways to promote and strengthen a website position.

Also, the power of cornerstone content shouldn’t be underestimated. It is harder to create, but content that is memorable is the best way to position the website high in the rankings. The number of links and visits will increase, and that way, the overall position of the site will move up. The creation of cornerstone content should consist of two major steps: keyword research and creation of an amazing and breathtaking cornerstone article. But many businesses just don’t have that much time, or already have a ton of content, so they can process this issue following these five steps.

  1. First, the keywords – it is required to determine the crucial ones that are the base for ranking the website.  Cornerstone content needs to be optimized for them.
  2. The next step is deciding which of the posts that are optimized for those keywords, is the best... and making that post the future cornerstone.
  3. The selected cornerstone article should be rewritten, updated, SEO-optimized and, most importantly, transformed into an amazing piece of content.
  4. Other posts, with a similar topic, should be optimized for the long tail versions of competitive keywords used in the cornerstone article.
  5. These additional posts need to be linked to the cornerstone, and that will show Google what is the most important post on the website.

Final Words

Today's market is overcrowded, and the only way for a business to draw the target audience’s attention is to use quality content. That is what will make them> return to your website, so you need content that suits their needs, inspires them and motivates them to take action. Every business that wants sustainable growth needs high-quality content, and it’s up to you to make it happen. Take some of our advice and you’ll have a great foundation to build upon. Good luck!

Jack White

Jack White always wanted to be a writer, which is why he has worked so hard to become good at it. He knew all that his hard work would pay off one day, he just had to keep trying and not let anything or anyone get in his way. He’s a professional now and is proud of it.


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