2018 Content Marketing Trends and Statistics


Martina StričakCo-founder of Diversis Digital and Point Visible

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

If we throw ourselves just 5 or 6 years back, we'd see content being misused badly. It was produced only to be stuffed and overloaded with keywords, ruining this awesome marketing asset beyond recognition.

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2018 Content Marketing Trends and Statistics [Infographic]

Luckily, things have changed over time (thanks mostly to Google) and we're finally witnessing it becoming the true king of marketing and storytelling.

And everybody wants in. We all have our stories to tell and we all wish to be heroes to our audience. With 2018 well underway, we see content being used, studied and developed more than ever before. Turns out that 86% of B2C companies and 91% of B2B companies are using content marketing, and the positive trend doesn’t show signs of stopping. More than half of companies that don’t use it, commit to implementing content marketing in the near future.

So what to expect in times to come? Well, there are still some bad practices out there –  and one of the causes for that is non-existent or just poorly developed content marketing strategy. However, we can expect content marketers to improve here as well since 75% of the marketers that don't have a content strategy said that they are committed to start working on it this year.

In 2018, we can definitely expect more quality and relevant content making the internet a better place. For other interesting facts and predictions about content marketing statistics and trends for 2018, check out the infographic below.

2018 content marketing stats and trends from PointVisible

Martina Stričak

Martina is a co-founder of Diversis Digital and Point Visible. She is a digital marketing addict with years of experience, who also enjoys graphic design, both @work and in her free time. And yes, she loves to travel. To travel a lot.


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