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Report Hired - State of Wage Inequality in the Tech Industry

State of Wage Inequality in the Tech Industry

Hired's 2022 Impact Report

Now, as the economy continues to shift and workers, in some cases, find offers rescinded or part of layoffs, we can’t go backwards. In some cases, DEI goals overlapped nicely with remote work, allowing employers to expand their talent pool to new cities, states, and countries. Remote democratized opportunities to work in roles and for innovative companies time zones away. In some cases, DEI goals became nice-to-haves, as the emphasis was on attracting and securing talent before someone else did. As we move forward into the second half of 2022, we encourage employers to lean into DEI initiatives regardless of the hiring pace. We strive to make hiring more equitable, efficient, and transparent for all. As a leader in diversity hiring and recruiting tools, we can help with our practices and platform features, like Diversity Goals, released last year. We found, for example, that companies with open roles using Diversity Goals more than doubled their pipeline of underrepresented candidates. These companies also had both a lower wage and expectation gap compared to those with it turned off.

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  • make hiring more equitable, efficient and transparent