HR Salary Survey: How Do You Compare?


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Monday, August 21, 2017

Understanding your salary compared to the rest of your industry is important in determining whether you are valued in your current role.

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HR Salary Survey: How Do You Compare?

For many professionals, knowing and understanding the current state of you salary in context to the rest of your industry can go a long way to determining how valued and fulfilled you feel as an employee.

Job satisfaction has an important relationship to salary, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. For many employees, justifying their current salary is vital to understanding the company they work for. If an employee finds themselves feeling underpaid in comparison to their peers, these could result in them harboring negative feelings towards their employer which, when not addressed, can then lead to more serious issues surrounding job dissatisfaction and mental health.

If you’re already feeling underappreciated in your current role, being able to compare your salary to those in your industry with the same level of experience and expertise can either reaffirm or reinforce your faith in your employer and help to make those all important decisions.

A better understanding of what other professionals are experiencing will also enable you to be honest and open with your employer in terms of negotiating a pay rise, or addressing the issues associated with your role. For example, those who feel overworked may need to approach the topic of hiring additional staff.

Determining where your wage stands in the current work environment may be difficult as it is unlikely that many professionals will divulge what their wage is, and so finding up to date and current research that has collated views and opinions is the next best thing.

This HR salary survey report looks at the salaries of HR professionals from across all industries and collects together their views and opinions. The report analyses the data collected by comparing different demographics such as age, experience and gender.

More importantly, it provides an in-depth insight into whether the HR sector is showing any more serious issues. By downloading this report, you will be able to determine whether your current salary is in line with the sector-average and help you to accurately assess your current situation.


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