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Report Conviva

Conviva's 2021 Instagram Video Benchmarks

The rise of long-form content on Instagram

Conviva's Instagram Video Benchmarks report examines brands’ usage of video within Instagram, identifies which brands and accounts are using it best, and offers tips and insights for creators especially as it relates to long-form video and carousels.

Report Snap Shot

Highlights include:

  • Single photo and video posts drop as carousel and IGTV posts double in share.
  • Video is an engagement hack for carousel posts with 17% greater reach, 16% more impressions, and 12% more engagements than image-only carousels.
  • The majority of engagement with video on Instagram comes on day 1, but IGTV posts have the longest shelf life with 29% of IGTV engagement coming after the first two days.
  • And more!