Boosting Your Business with Instagram Stories [Infographic]


Josh WardiniEditorial Contributor and Community Manager

Friday, August 24, 2018

Instagram Stories offer businesses a unique way to engage with their followers, a way to bring their social strategy to life. So how can you make the most of this feature?

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Boosting Your Business with Instagram Stories [Inf

Social media has long been a staple part of any business’ marketing strategy. With social networks becoming steadily more advanced, there are now a whole host of new features available to brands.

Instagram Stories is a prime example of a great social feature that businesses can leverage for high levels of engagement with their customers. But what content should you be creating for your Stories?

A behind the scenes glance

A look behind the curtain can be a simple way of allowing your clients to connect with your business. They will love to see what goes into producing their favorite products and is a quick and authentic way to create a connection without spending a fortune.

Serialize your blog content

Before we got to binge-watch our favorite shows on Netflix, we used to wait with baited breath for the latest installment. While it is convenient to be able to watch every single episode of every show in a few days, there is something thrilling about having to wait to find out what happens.

Turn that to your advantage by creating short snippets that lead on from one to another. You don’t have to create cliffhangers, just create a shorter form of your blog content that’s in easy to digest snippets.

Take some action shots

Demonstrate how to use your product. This is a far more effective way of showing how great your product is which can also help customers learn how to use it. Best of all, though, it gives you a quick and clear way to promote the product in a very visual manner.

Take a look at infographic below from for more top tips on how to create amazing Instagram Stories.

Boosting Your Business with Instagram Stories [Infographic]

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