8 Tips to Get Your Brand Noticed on Twitter


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Monday, May 31, 2021

Getting noticed on Twitter requires a joined-up approach to a strategy that aligns with your brand’s ethos.

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8 Tips to Get Your Brand Noticed on Twitter

Twitter can be a very useful marketing tool for brands, but changes to the way the platform works and how oversaturated with content it has become makes it harder to stand out. Knowing how to get noticed on Twitter can transform your strategy and put the platform at the center of your customer awareness campaign.

1. Be consistent

Being present is the first step in getting noticed on Twitter, which means posting consistently. Having a strategy that dictates when and how frequently you post will help you to gain followers and allow them to anticipate when new tweets will appear. You need to build up your following over time so that extraordinary content will be seen when it’s posted. There are tools you can use to help you schedule tweets so you don’t have to keep coming back to the platform when you’re busy with other tasks.

2. Retweet other content

Finding enough content to tweet can be daunting, but not all of it has to be original. Add carefully curated tweets from others who align with your brand to your Twitter queue to bring extra value to your customers and create relationships with other Twitter users. Add a comment of your own to the original tweet to increase your chances of the original creator retweeting your post and putting your handle in front of their followers.

3. Contribute to trending topics

While planning a proportion of your tweets in advance is a good idea, it’s also worth leaving some room for spontaneity. Keep an eye on which topics are trending and if you can see a relevant connection with your brand, add your own contribution. This will get you noticed by those discussing the topic and ensure your business is seen as having its finger on the pulse. Do your research and survey the hashtag before getting involved to ensure you don’t do any harm to your reputation.

4. Share press coverage of your organization

A mistake commonly made on Twitter is to keep tweeting about how great your brand is and not properly engaging with other users. This type of content is easily overlooked and those who follow you will simply scroll past. A much more effective way of promoting your company’s positive message is to share stories about your brand featured in other media. Always remember to tag the place that showcased you.

5. Start a conversation

The best brand interactions on Twitter are conversations that demonstrate your company is interested in your customers and their viewpoints. Search hashtags relevant to your industry to see what people are saying and add your view to the mix. Not only will you obtain valuable insight into your potential clients’ pain points and how best to service them, but you’ll also help to raise awareness of your brand, paving the way for a long-term relationship with customers.

6. Find your voice

There are two ways to get your tweets noticed - getting it really right and getting it really wrong - so make sure you know how to use Twitter appropriately. Defining your brand voice is important to ensure you don’t overstep the mark, but also to help you stand out from the crowd. Your social media activities should be distinct from your website, and while it’s important to stay professional and reflect your company’s ethos, adding humor is a good way to help you make an impression.

7. Be virally minded

Viral tweets are the holy grail of the social media marketing world. While it’s impossible to predict which tweets will go viral, there are techniques you can employ to increase their chances:

  • Host a giveaway with retweeting and liking built into the participation process
  • Time your tweets right by consulting your analytics for the best periods for engagement
  • Tweak your tweet to really grab your audience’s attention with humor or clever wordplay
  • Include more links in your tweets, as research from Microsoft found that 52% of retweets include a URL
  • Keep tweets to between 80 and 110 characters, as anything longer is less likely to be shared
  • Add hashtags to get noticed, but make sure they’re relevant and you only include one or two per tweet

8. Host a Twitter chat

Hosting a public conversation connected by a hashtag is a great way to use Twitter to promote your brand and engage with users. According to Agorapulse, Twitter chats have an average 289 users per chat and 1,450 posts, spreading its reach to 13,993,986 impressions. To host a successful chat, choose a topic aligned with your brand’s goals and a dedicated hashtag. Then choose a time and a date to host your chat and advertise it widely to get as many people involved as possible.

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