Report Dataiku Predictive Analytics at Scale in Retail

Predictive Analytics at Scale in Retail

Making data-driven decisions is no longer about learning from the past; it means making changes to the business constantly based on real-time input from all data sources across the organisation.

Consumers can be fickle, so accurately anticipating what they might do next and reacting quickly to this information could be what puts your company above the rest. Download this whitepaper and discover how to transform your business with predictive analytics!

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In the booming retail business, big data is poised in the coming years to open up huge opportunities in the way stores (both physical and online) fundamentally operate and serve customers. Just look at the way giants of the digital age (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon -GAFA) have affected the retail space already with data-first business models. Given the incredibly small margins in retail, efficiency improvements anywhere - from tighter supply chain management to more targeted marketing campaigns - can make a big difference to a retail business of any size.

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