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Report Bazaarvoice The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Finding and Using Cu

The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Finding and Using Customer Insights

Whether you’re launching a new product or working to evolve your messaging and packaging, customer insights are the cornerstone of successful business decisions.

80% of businesses believe they deliver “superior” customer service. But only 8% of customers agree, according to Forrester Research. Examining what makes your buyer react a certain way, what motivates them, and what aspects of your products resonate with them will allow your brand to shape your customers into your company’s best advocate. With this eBook for marketers, learn how to build a recognizable brand, use negative feedback to fix customer perceptions, and turn customer insights into marketable action.

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  • Forge direct relationships with your customers to learn what they care about
  • Leverage reviews and other online content to mine customer sentiment about your brand and products
  • Identify new business opportunities, change perceptions, and foster brand advocacy