8 Remarkable Benefits of Data Management in Marketing Automation


Christopher RobertsBusiness Development Manager at Data Entry Outsourced

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Technology has always been a vital part of the business world. The better an organization is in recognizing and adopting critical technological solutions, the better the results will be. In modern business, data and data management are the focus of new tech solutions, and hence, outsourcing data management tasks is vital for companies to survive.

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8 Remarkable Benefits of Data Management in Marketing Automation

It’s no longer acceptable for organizations to use inaccurate and incomplete information to make critical business decisions. Companies who are looking to make data-driven decisions will have a higher chance of succeeding. Failing is no longer an option.

Let us see how marketing automation and data management benefit organizations and how they’re being used in marketing.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the term used for software solutions that have the potential to automate various marketing operations, including data integration, customer segmentation, and overall campaign management. It is one of the best tools for managing customer relationships, and it utilizes modern technology to the fullest.

It is, in fact, the use of intelligent software solutions that saves time and automates various operations when certain conditions are met.

What are the benefits of better data management in marketing automation?

1. Reduce your staffing costs

Having a single employee who knows how to use marketing automation software is better than having dozens of employees who don’t. Not only does automation allow handling of larger volumes of tasks, but it also helps you take care of them more effectively.

Setting up marketing campaigns and lead nurturing campaigns with marketing automation is easy. A marketer can set various criteria for which new actions are triggered automatically; they don’t have to waste time manually checking up on things.

2. Increased revenue and average deal size

With marketing automation, companies can stay on top of their marketing operations and their customers. Understanding customers and having valuable information about them will allow you to market to them in a better way and approach them meaningfully.

All of this leads to higher value purchases. Furthermore, a marketing department that has all this data and works closely with the sales department will help them make more sales.  

3. Improve the accountability of marketing and sales teams

The way that marketing automation allows marketing and sales departments to collaborate is through accountability and ease of communication. With automation, the whole department can see bottlenecks with an easy overview, reporting, and transparent process.

In a situation where the marketing department has gathered a number of leads that aren’t yet “sales-qualified”, it’s evident the nurture process needs improvement.

4. Be more effective

Every business is limited to the number of resources at its disposal. When it comes to in-house marketing departments, these resources can be tight.

With marketing automation, you’ll get more from your marketing team without having to hire new employees, making it feel like you’ve doubled your team, when all you’ve done is purchase professional software.

5. Less repetition, more creativity     

Marketing involves a lot of manual, repetitive work which can be exhausting. Marketing automation allows you to automate those technical actions that must be done, allowing your employees to work on more essential, creative assignments rather than finding their time consumed by manual tasks.

Even though this is a straightforward and obvious benefit, there are other, more hidden positive aspects to it. Your employees will be happier and more satisfied with their jobs when they don’t have to waste time on repetitive tasks.

6. Refine your marketing processes  

Marketing automation forces you to visualize and establish your marketing strategy and customer journey. It will also encourage you to include all the processes that revolve around them and have a clear overlook of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Even though this doesn’t seem very significant, establishing these processes while constantly paying attention to the customer’s journey lets you figure out new methods for lead nurturing. You can recognize better practices and improve your mistakes.

7. Improve productivity

Apart from the fact that marketing automation reduces repetition, it also reduces the load of work on your employees. Simply put, all those repetitive tasks that are now automated will give freedom to your employees and enable them to focus on more essential marketing tasks that will bring you improved results.

Employees will be able to focus on core assignments and do them throughout the day without being distracted by manual tasks. This allows them to do a better job and brainstorm new ideas that can benefit your strategy.

8. Improve data governance

Data governance is a vital part of marketing automation. It helps gather and understand data and, through it, cater to your customers’ needs in a better way.  Therefore, it’s essential to provide accurate and valuable data if you intend to reach out to your educated consumers.

On the other hand, data governance also helps internally. The whole organization will align through data governance, including technologies, processes, and people. This ensures that all data is accessible, shareable, and reliable, leading to better business decisions and consistency.

Outsourcing data management

Some of the best marketing automation tools are comprehensive platforms used by many professionals include HubSpot, Constant Contact, and Marketo. However, if you’re looking to setup automation and need to first organize the data you have, consider working with a professional outsourcing data management company.

Christopher Roberts

Christopher Roberts is the Business Development Manager at Data Entry Outsourced and provides the best outsourcing service to clients across the world. He is confident in his work and assures the safety of data by utilizing proper protocols with the use of updated technology.


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