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Report RollWorks What’s Working in B2B Advertising?

What’s Working in B2B Advertising?

Organizations Fuel Digital Ads With Relevancy, Content & Interactivity To Fill In Demand Gaps Left Behind During COVID-19

With events and face-to-face engagement off the table, B2B marketers have been forced to accelerate the transition toward a digital-only mindset. While some traditional strategies have taken a backseat, others are being tweaked and expedited to cater to audiences working from home. This has led B2B organizations to rethink their ad strategies and shift ad dollars to drive greater demand and reach buyers on the channels they frequent most.

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This report looks at:

  • How B2B marketers can fill the demand gap with more precise targeted advertising
  • Why account-based ads position marketers to supply the level personalization needed to attract audiences
  • Interactive strategies for delivering engaging B2B ads
  • How intent insights develop a value-driven, relevant ad strategy