20 Key Statistics on the Significance of Digital Advertising


Jason HubbardVP of Growth for SalesIntel

Friday, April 16, 2021

In today’s data-driven and digital world, B2B companies can’t afford to miss out on the advantages of digital advertising that will increase leads and sales.

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20 Key Statistics on the Significance of Digital Advertising

Digital advertisers leverage the power of various internet-based platforms like websites, search engines, mobile apps, email and social media to deliver promotional content or publish digital ads. Digital advertising doesn’t require you to spend a fortune to see results. With the right plan and strategies in place, it can even help you compete against the big players in your industry. This is particularly beneficial for small companies that usually don’t have a large advertising budget to work with.

Email, social media, display remarketing, native advertising, search advertising and PPC are some of the common types or formats of digital advertising. Email is one of the advertising types with the highest ROI. For every $1 you spend, email advertising gives you an average ROI of $40. Remarketing can improve revenues by 30% or more and CTRs by 400%. Relevance is very important to the success of any digital advertising format. For example, demographic, behavioral and key interest data are mainly used in social media advertising.

As a digital advertiser, you should be able to keep your ads relevant to the advertising platform or channel you’re using. This may require you to create multiple versions of the same ad or produce a device and channel-responsive ad to ensure relevance across different advertising platforms or channels. For example, ads produced for mobile or the internet may not work as desired on TV.

The infographic featured below illustrates just how significant digital advertising has become, how some of the largest brands in the world are using it to full effect, and why you should too.

Digital Advertising Importance Stats

Jason Hubbard

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