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Research B2B Multi Channel Strategy: Market Research Report

B2B Multi Channel Strategy: Market Research Report

How well does your current multi channel strategy measure up?

Almost half (47%) of senior B2B marketers are looking to invest more in Paid Social in 2022. 42% plan to invest more in Direct Marketing, while 30% believe this channel is critical to their strategy. 40% cite budget spread too thinly across channels as the biggest pain point around multi channel management. Discover the most relevant and timely multi channel insights to achieve a fully integrated, seamless and unified multi channel experience. Supported by our own first party research, this comprehensive report reveals the key components of an effective multi channel strategy in 2022…

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What’s inside?

  • Multi channel marketing: the current state of play
  • 9 common pitfalls of multi channel strategies
  • What makes the most effective multi channel strategy?
  • Multi channel practices: blueprint for success
  • Multi channel management: control and measurement
  • Key market research takeaways and learnings