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Report Magento 5 Killer Features B2B Buyers Expect

5 Killer Features B2B Buyers Expect

Business buyers are demanding a personalized online shopping experience. Here's how to deliver it...

Business buyers are now demanding a personalised online shopping experience. They want B2B sites to provide the same immediacy, and price transparency offered by Amazon. If your business doesn’t provide that, it’s time to get started on the strategic planning and tactical measures needed to adapt to these evolving demands. View this report to find out the 5 features that B2B buyers have some to expect from online shopping – and that you’ll need to consider in order to retain your customers.

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Over 74% of B2B buyers researched at least half of their work purchases online.

61% of B2B buyers research products from their smartphones.

94% of B2B buyers said they research online at some point in the buying process