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Infographic 15 Multi Channel Strategy Pitfalls as Voted by B2B Marketers [Infographic]

15 Multi Channel Strategy Pitfalls as Voted by B2B Marketers [Infographic]

Discover the 15 most prominent pain points facing senior B2B marketers

Over half (53%) of senior B2B marketers feel that relying too heavily on sales and lower funnel content is the biggest barrier to success when it comes to multi channel content strategy. Finding the right analytics platform to consolidate data from different channels to provide an accurate picture is a top concern around multi channel analytics, while budget spread too thinly across channels is the greatest pressure point around multi channel management. What other unique first party insights does our market research reveal around multi channel strategy in 2022?

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The most pressing multi channel strategy pain points in 2022 as identified by senior B2B marketers, including:

  • Top 5 biggest multi channel management challenges 
  • Multi channel content strategy: top 5 barriers to success
  • 5 greatest obstacles concerning multi channel analytics