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Report 360learning Hijack Your Learning KPIs With Science

Hijack Your Learning KPIs With Science

5 brain hacks you can use to drive learner engagement

The quest to determine how people learn best has been pursued for centuries. And at last, it appears we have an answer: human interaction. But in today’s digital world, incorporating human-to-human exchanges is increasingly difficult. Indeed, when it comes to learning, most online courses are passive and impersonal, which in turn leads to low engagement rates. The way we work has evolved – and so must the way we learn. Read this report to explore how you can enrich and engage your learners like never before.

Report Snap Shot

  • How learners can learn faster (and better) by becoming constructors of their own learning
  • Discover how mirror neurons play a central role in the learning process, and how this could positively impact your role as a trainer
  • Master the practice of incorporating human interaction within your courses, and learn how it can significantly impact your learning KPI's