Why Upskilling HR is Important Too


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Monday, June 19, 2017

Often HR think about how to nurture the talent elsewhere in the company, but upskilling human resources is just as important.

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Why Upskilling HR is Important Too
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Human resources is often about identifying ways you can make the most of the talent in the business. It's just as important that you pay attention to upskilling your HR department for a variety of reasons.

Nurturing the skills in your company can help you retain the best employees, while also ensuring you are in a position to be a competitive option when it comes to pitching new work.

But why is upskilling HR important?

Needs are always changing or evolving

What you need to do as an HR department largely depends on what your workforce requires of you. There are a broad range of skills that human resources specialists may need to help employees and these can evolve over time. For example, mental health has become a much more prevalent issue for companies over the last few years. Many HR departments that have been around for a long time may still be unprepared with how to deal with these problems as they arise.

Upskilling your HR team means you can stay abreast of the issues most likely to affect your workforce so you can provide better and more consistent support for them.

There's a certain scientific element

Although the best HR departments will understand the need for personable skills in their role, there's also a huge chunk of research and science that underpins it all. Better understanding the facts and figures behind what you are doing every day will help you feel more prepared for issues that may affect employees.

Whether you are focusing on behavioral science or looking into figures surrounding the impact of something like mental health on productivity, there is often new research to take into account.

Upskilling, whether through an official qualification or internal training, provides the perfect opportunity for you to update HR on the latest industry information and how best to apply this in reality.

Increase job satisfaction

As with any other part of the company, offering opportunities to progress and develop their skills will mean people in HR are more satisfied in their role. This means they are much more likely to stay within the department and the company, as they will feel valued as a part of the team and the business.

Staff retention is a key problem for organizations in every industry and holding onto the best HR talent can really have an impact on the rest of the company. The top human resources specialists are able to develop relationships with employees and this is much easier if you are able to keep the same familiar faces in HR for as long as possible.

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