Report Learning at The Pace of Change
01 July 2019

Learning at The Pace of Change

Explore the effective methods of L&D that can be implemented to bridge the ever-widening skills-gap caused by digital disruption.

Technology is changing at an exponential pace and its advancement threatens to wipe out not just job roles but whole career paths. It’s not surprising that many employers and employees alike feel powerless - but what if this instability was preventable? Going forward the companies and individuals that will survive, and thrive, are those that best adapt to enhance their knowledge. Which is why it's now more important than ever to retrain and up-skill your workforce to avoid social and economic dislocation.

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In this guide, discover: 

  • How L&D is critical to addressing the digital skills gap 
  • How to use technology to scale effective learning
  • How to boost learning engagement with AI 

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