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Report Avado What Is the Future of Learning?

What Is the Future of Learning?

How to utilise technology to up-skill your employees and prepare for the digital revolution.

The workplace is changing and it’s inevitable that this landscape of technological innovation will impact your business and employees. Most workers recognise that technology will disrupt the way they work, but few can picture what these changes will really look like. As a result, there is an ever-increasing concern that AI and automation will begin to encroach on, and eventually replace, elements of their job role. To overcome this, employees want to learn; they want effective training at their fingertips in order to stay relevant and do their job well.

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Key findings: 

  • 84% would feel more loyal to an employer if they were offered regular training opportunities 
  • 81% say that continuous investment in training to acquire new skills is essential to be able to do their jobs
  • 29% can’t keep pace because training isn’t regular enough