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  • The H.I.L.L Model: High-Impact Learning That Lasts
Report CrossKnowledge The H.I.L.L Model: High-Impact Learning That Lasts

The H.I.L.L Model: High-Impact Learning That Lasts

How to engage employees in training using the 7 principles of high-impact learning.

Today businesses operate in a world where change is constant and continues to accelerate. The combination of evolving developments – technological advancements, globalisation and new ways of communicating calls for a training policy that supports professionals to become successful in this changing world. In other words: supporting sustainable employability. This eBook introduces a model for High Impact Learning that Lasts (HILL) which gives you the building blocks to delivery long lasting, high impact training.

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Download this eBook to learn:

  • The best learning practices amongst adults
  • How to spark the curiosity of learner and motivate them to learn 
  • The 7 building blocks to deliver long-lasting, high impact training which can be transferred to the workplace