Here's Why You Should Focus on Employee Training in 2017


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Monday, May 8, 2017

Training your employees is a crucial part of improving your workforce in 2017. Here are the reasons why.

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Employee training is a crucial part of helping staff realize their full potential and ensuring they stay happy in their role. There are a number of ways that focusing on development could help evolve your organization in 2017.

Helps employee retention

Applying for new jobs is difficult, time-consuming and stressful, but if staff feel they have the freedom to develop their skills in their current role, they are far less likely to leave the company. This boosts staff retention and reduces the amount of money your firm has to spend on replacing and training new staff.

Makes your organization more competitive

If you are constantly looking at the talent you currently have and how you can support these professionals in improving their skills, you will make your company more competitive. It means that not only are you keeping staff in your organization, rather than them going to a rival, but staff are also building up experience in your firm. This means you can mold them into the professional you want them to be, rather than having to remove the bad habits learnt at another company. These factors make your business more competitive than those that have a big turnover or don't focus on staff development.

Boosts productivity

As well as ensuring your employees stay longer in your organization, training people makes them more productive in their role. Not only does training make staff happier - which increases their effectiveness - but those who are more experienced in their role have higher levels of productivity and create higher quality work.

Less risk

If employees are more developed and experienced in their role, it's far less likely that they will make mistakes that cost the company money. Of course, people are always going to make errors in their role - they are only human - but training your workforce and developing their skills makes it far less likely that your business will be at risk because of mistakes.

Better client retention

Having employees stay within your company for a longer period of time not only reduces your recruitment costs but can also increase your client retention. Relationships are a crucial part of modern business and staff can build and maintain working relationships with clients that will make them more likely to stay with your company if a competitor comes along to poach them.

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