4 Reasons Why You Need Online Learning


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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Online learning is a fundamental part of a successful business. In order to grow and succeed, companies need to invest in their employees. This can often involve upskilling them in their specialist areas, which makes online learning essential.

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4 Reasons Why You Need Online Learning
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There are many different factors involved in growing a business, including having more of a focus on sales, improving customer service, introducing more desirable products or services and targeting new customer groups, just to name a few.

However, at the end of the day, your organization is only ever as good as its team members, and growth will be thwarted if employees don’t keep learning and developing themselves. These days, ensuring staff members stay up-to-date on the latest trends, techniques and information is even more important as technologies continue to disrupt sectors.

One of the key ways you can help your employees to grow is through online learning. Read on for some of the key reasons why this needs to be part of your employee benefits toolkit today.

1. It saves costs long-term

One of the primary reasons to go down the eLearning route is that it can deliver excellent education and excellent savings. For example, rather than having to pay large amounts for the top speakers and trainers to come to your offices and/or travel from location to location to teach all teams, you can instead simply pay them to record information once and then use it over and over again, online. You can make modules available to new staff members over the years, too, and don’t have to keep paying for experts’ time. In this way, eLearning is scalable.

In addition, if employees want to go back to university to complete a post-graduate degree, such as an MBA, Master’s in Education Administration or a Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing, they no longer have to take time away from the office to attend courses. In the past, there was substantial lost productivity at work due to leave for study, particularly if people had to go to another city for classes. Today, employees can maintain a full-time schedule and enhance their credentials for your benefit.

2. It also saves time

As alluded to above, there are plenty of time advantages when learning online, too. Workers don’t have to travel away to learn, whether just across town or across the country, and can instead fit their studies around their work and personal schedules. As such, if things are busy in the office, employees can stay to help complete projects and don’t have to leave by a set time to get to get to campus.

When in-person trainings are conducted, there is often a lot of wasted time getting rooms set up for presentations, waiting for speakers and getting everyone in the same room at the same time. Plus, you often have to wait weeks or months for speakers to find availability in their schedules to present. With online learning, these become issues of the past.

3. Online learning is much more flexible

Flexibility is another big reason why so many companies and employees are taking advantage of online training. With eLearning, you get a lot more choice. You’re not limited to only locally available courses and professors, speakers or other trainers; instead you can get access to the top people in their fields all around the world. You also get to enjoy flexibility with regards to when training programs are rolled out to staff members.

Another bonus is that it often allows people to study only the specific topics or modules they require to fill gaps in their knowledge. They can opt for very specialized training or skip certain videos or other content they’re already familiar with. This isn’t usually possible with in-person studies.

4. It is personalized and more productive

Another benefit that many companies don’t consider is that eLearning enables personalized learning. Programs can be customized to individuals quite easily these days, thanks to technology, and this allows people to learn in a way that most suits their learning style and personality.

Employees who use online modules also tend to enjoy more productive learning. They can re-read or rewind content as many times as they need to understand and absorb lessons, as opposed to in-person classes where, if they miss something, there’s hardly time to go back. There can also be many distractions in classrooms, such as odd smells, loud noises and so on. However, with eLearning, participants can seclude themselves inside a quiet room or use earphones to take in every word.

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