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Ebook Building an Augmented Reality POC in 4 Weeks

Building an Augmented Reality POC in 4 Weeks

Week Zero: Getting to the Pitch.

Sometime in the beginning of summer, the Contentstack marketing team called up Valtech, and asked them to build an Augmented Reality (AR) demo on top of our CMS. We caught Pascal Lagarde (VP Commerce) and Auke van Urk (CTO) in a good mood. They said yes. Then everyone went on summer holidays. Until about 2 weeks ago, when Pascal called us back. He said: “We’ll build you an AR demo. And we’re going to do it in the next 4 weeks.” This is the story of how they did it, told (almost) live.

Report Snap Shot

We will show how Gal and his team helped Valtech to build the content models that will help to power this experience from Contentstack. Plus, Valtech’s software engineers research AR frameworks, interaction design storyboards start to take shape, and we wrestle with the surprisingly sticky problem of marker tracking. Today, what happened in Week Zero: how the development team at Valtech went from receiving our somewhat vague brief to pitching us two sharply defined concepts a week later.