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Report Ivalua Strengthening Supply Chain

Strengthening Supply Chain and Managing Global Complexity

It’s important that a company’s Source-to-Pay process is not only empowering the business, but improving control to better mitigate risks. In this case study, learn how Piramal strengthened their business by implementing Ivalua’s Source-to-Pay suite – seeing benefits such as; increased efficiency, 360 visibility into suppliers, and a simplified purchasing process. Download and read this case study, to discover how to manage global complexity and strengthen your supply chain.

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  • Gain visibility on all spend, especially maverick spend.
  • Improve global visibility and forecasting.
  • Adopt a solution with a proven track of high-user adoption Improve control on suppliers, contracts and catalogs; better mitigate risks.
  • Manage all contract processes from a single place, from negotiation to signature and renewal.