How to Find the Right European Distribution Partner Post-Brexit


Simon Pleass Managing Director at

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

In 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union in a nail-bitingly close referendum. Four years later, and the UK withdrawal finally happened on January 31st. Following this, Britain will enter an 11-month transition period during which they’ll need to negotiate deals and pave a way forward.

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How to Find the Right European Distribution Partner Post-Brexit

In this guide, we’ll examine how Brexit will affect supply chain operations and what this will mean for businesses that distribute to EU countries through Britain.

How to overcome the distribution problem

It’s anticipated that Brexit will have a significant impact on the supply chains of businesses across all industries. Businesses who distribute into Europe through the UK, are one such group who stand to face huge disruption. One way to side-step many of the challenges brought about by Brexit, would be to partner with an Irish distributor.

As Ireland is a committed member of the EU, businesses operating in this country don’t have to fear losing access to free trade with 27 EU states. What’s more, Ireland will be the largest English-speaking state in the EU post-Brexit. Another major advantage is Ireland’s low corporate tax rate which comes in at just 12.5%.

The infographic below from the team at 2Flow Logistics includes a brief explanation of how Brexit will impact supply chains, reasons why your business should work with an Irish distribution partner, and tips on how to choose the right distribution partner for your needs.

2Flow Logistics highlights the impact of Brexit on supply chains and shares tips for finding the right distribution partner

Simon Pleass

Simon Pleass is the Managing Director at, an outsource fulfilment partner specializing in handling inventory based in Dublin, Ireland.


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