How to Choose the Best Pallet Wrapping Machine


Phil EdwardsOutreach Specialist at Melbourne Packaging Supplies

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Looking to invest in a wrapping machine for your business? Don't feel overwhelmed by the options - find out which suits you best here.

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How to Choose the Best Pallet Wrapping Machine

If you've made the step to invest in a pallet wrapping machine for your business, you’ll want to know which is the best fit - you already know what you want your wrapping machine to do. The next step is to look more closely at your production line's details to help you pick the right product solution.

Pallet wrapping machine options

Pallet wrapping machines can be divided into three main categories. A turntable pallet wrapper works by placing the load on a turntable that rotates and dispenses the wrapping film. This is an excellent option for stable shipments and businesses that don't have very high production needs.

A rotary arm stretch wrapper works thanks to an overhead arm. It rotates around the load and in this way applies the film. It’s suitable for high-speed wrapping if you’re working with unstable loads. Then there’s stretch hooder technology, which works for a variety range of pallet loads. Its benefits include protection against humidity and UV.

Identifying your pallet wrapping goals

There are also three options available for pallet wrapping types: hand wrapping, automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrapping. Choosing the best one for your business will maximize your ROI. Consider what your needs are regarding safety, production and consistency as each one offers different solutions. Try not to make a choice based on only your current needs. Where will your business be in five years? It makes sense to choose a pallet wrapping machine that can grow as your production needs increase.

What will this tell you? If you're planning on growing in the next decade, it's worth considering an automatic pallet wrapper. If not, a semi-automatic stretch wrapper should be adequate.

What loads will I be working with?

The size, weight and variability of the loads you’ll be wrapping all influence pallet wrapping machine choice. Look into orbital, or horizontal wrappers if you’ve had issues before and want to guarantee the security of a pallet. Stable, light goods are fine to use a turntable style wrapper for. Unstable or heavy loads? Opt for a rotary arm machine.

What’s next? Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine the best option of pallet wrapping machine for your business:

1. Features: what do you need?

Pallet wrapping machines have many customisable options worth exploring. Some of the following may make a difference to your business:

  • Machines equipped with motorised pre-stretch cuts down on film consumption
  • Remote control machines that are integrated into a production line
  • Machines that wrap palletised loads and turn columns to maintain load stability without manual intervention
  • Devices that have film dispensers that will help with dust and rain protection
  • Scales that are installed on a pallet wrapper
  • A ramp to load pallets

2. Size of product: identify the dimensions of your product and warehouse

This will help you determine the size pallet wrapper you need or if you have space limits that will limit your choice.  Other things to consider are the size pallet you use, how you stack your product, and the heaviest pallet load you expect.

3. Price: determine your budget

This is an investment in your business, and it can reduce costs and improve productivity, so think carefully about the budget you allocate it. For example, what savings will you make using a semi-automatic pallet wrapper compared to hand wrapping over five years? Could you factor this into your budget?

Now look at the bigger picture. The safety of your employees should be a priority. Stretch wrapping machines are much safer than hand wrapping machines. You may not be able to put an actual price on all benefits, but they’ll impact your business nonetheless.

If you’re still not sure, chat to your supplier to help you choose the best end-of-line packaging solution for your business.

Phil Edwards

Outreach Specialist at Melbourne Packaging Supplies

Phil is an Outreach Specialist for Melbourne Packaging Supplies. Our goal is as with quality comes reliability & safety.


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