How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Freight Forwarding Scams


Victor HermosaOwner and Manager of Excelsior

Monday, January 6, 2020

As more businesses look to ship their products abroad, it's vital to be aware of the illegal activities posed by scammers. Here's how to avoid the 3 most common freight forwarding scams.

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How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Freight Forwarding Scams

Freight forwarders are currently in demand, as many businesses rely on their skills to meet their logistical requirements to get their goods to their clients. Without freight forwarders, companies won’t be able to focus on growing their business.

Freight forwarders handle the shipping of goods away from companies, but the growing demand for their services not only increases competition but also introduces illegitimate freight forwarders who are aiming to make a profit.

Scammers posing as legitimate freight forwarders tend to offer their services online at lower prices. They might set up their own websites with unique names or duplicate those of legitimate ones.

Scammers can operate by denying the release of your bill of lading, which serves not only as the proof of contract but also as a receipt of the clients’ goods, steal your cargo altogether, or hold the BOL for ransom and release once paid.

Companies can avoid being scammed by:

  • Knowing how much a legitimate freight forwarder’s services are
  • Checking the company’s domain name thoroughly to see whether or not they’re using free hosting websites (which are often used by scammers)

To avoid falling victim to these scams, check out this infographic from Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics Corp.

Common freight forwarding scams and tips to avoid them

Victor Hermosa

Owner and Manager of Excelsior

Victor G. Hermosa is a well-experienced Licensed Customs Broker. He started as a Principal Broker in one of the leading freight forwarding company in the Philippines. Currently, he is the owner and manager of Excelsior — a Total Logistics Company that handles International Air & Sea Cargoes, Customs & Tariff Consultancy, Declarations of Duties & Taxes, and Customs Clearance.


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22/11/2021 Adriatic Enterprises
Hey Man! Great Article Specialty the images that you have used to create such a great article and these images cover each and everything related to the SCAMs we usually face. As a VP of a frieght forwarding company, this article was a treat to read thanks for sharing.