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Report Auditboard How Internal Audit Can Play a Key Role in Supply Chain Resilience

How Internal Audit Can Play a Key Role in Supply Chain Resilience

Harnessing the Potential of Internal Audit

Numerous events over the last few years have shone a spotlight on supply chain vulnerabilities, compelling organisations to seek multifaceted strategies to make their supply chain more resilient and secure. This report aims to provide a deep dive into the relationship between ESG risks and the due diligence activities within the supply chain with a focus on how internal audit could provide assurance against these risks.

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In this report, explore three key themes relating to supply chain resilience and security:

  • How organisations identify and manage supply chain risks and how internal audit can help improve this process. 
  • What strategies organisations and internal audit teams can deploy to tackle the risks in the supply chain.
  • How organisations and internal audit can use collaboration tools and leverage technology to reduce and mitigate the impacts of supply chain risks.