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Webinar OneTrust

The CISOs Role in Driving Trust: Why it Matters, How to Define it, and What Success Looks Like

Trust initiatives are becoming an increasingly important agenda item for executives and boards.

More companies are naming chief trust officers, creating formalized trust initiatives, and measuring trust as a metric for themselves and their business partners.

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In this webinar, OneTrust’s Chief Trust Officer, Head of CISO Center of Excellence, and Global GRC Offering Lead discuss the emergence of trust and what it means for the CISO. ​


Key Takeaways: ​

  • Explore the definition of trust and what it means to be a trusted organization
  • Discuss the evolution of the CISO in driving trust initiatives and supporting trust outcomes
  • Consider examples like ethical AI, trust in biometrics, and zero trust architecture
  • Discuss successful practices in setting trust objectives, adopting trust frameworks, and establishing trust metrics