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Report Sodexo Why a Good Boss is the Best Incentive of All

Why a Good Boss is the Best Incentive of All

It all starts with leadership: How great leaders are key to boosting the best behaviours and creating a positive company culture.

Who was the best boss you ever had? With a bit of luck, there will have been at least one in your career, who took the time to bring out the best your skills and experience. Good leaders have the influence to really bring out the best behaviours and you could go as far as to call them the ultimate performance incentive - because if an employee feels respected and supported by their manager, they will feel more committed and dedicated to their organisation. It’s not exactly ground breaking stuff!

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  • 5 ways to improve performance and transform behaviour across your team
  • Not all leaders are 'born and not made': top tips so every employee can become the best that they can be