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Report Employment Hero Remote Working Survey Report 2020

Remote Working Survey Report 2020

People's desire to work from where they choose

Many businesses will have to start thinking about where they stand in regards to remote work. Our research uncovered some interesting truths about people’s desire to work from where they choose. Make sure you’re informed to make the best choice for your business moving forward. Employment Hero recently surveyed 1,200 workers about their experience working from home and uncovered some interesting truths. Most people hate the commute to work, who knew? Imagine never having to commute to work again… For many this could soon be a reality, will your business keep up? All this and more in the Remote Work Survey 2020 report.

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  • Why 84% of people enjoy working from home and 92% would contunue to work fromhome regularly if given the opportunity
  • What employees miss about the workplace
  • Find out if your compnay is remote ready and how to prepare - its not to late!