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Report Dataiku Building Self-Service  Analytics in the Age of AI

Building Self-Service Analytics in the Age of AI

Redefining Self-Service Analytics

Often when big new business ideas appear they disappear just as quickly, just another fad of the modern age! So what is different about Self-service analytics? There was truly promise behind the idea and its potential, so why did it lose its momentum and why is it coming back? In this report Dataiku provide a helpful analogy for understanding self-service analytics, supporting reasons to believe that self-service analytics isn’t going anywhere, shortcomings to look out for, and how the concept of Everyday AI fills those gaps to make self-service more scalable and more valuable.

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  • Why Self-Service Analytics Is Here to Stay 
  • Away From the Past & Into the Realm of Self-Service for AI 
  • Don’t Forget About Governance 
  • Why We Call All of This Everyday AI