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Podcast Bots and Beyond: To Chatbot or Not?

Bots and Beyond: To Chatbot or Not?

Host Wayne Butterfield speaks to Richard Clarke, Managing Director of Customer Operations at Paddy Power Betfair. They discuss how the international sports betting and gaming operator uses digital tools to provide contextually rich, personalized and relevant customer interactions, and how best to enhance customer experience with chatbots and avoid some of the common pitfalls when working with this automation technology.

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“There’s a crossover between the conversation about chatbots, conversational AI and productivity… I don’t like the term ‘chatbots’… We’ve actually coined the phrase 'virtual assistants’. The reason for that is the experience we’re looking for is something that has some level of intelligence that offers the customer benefits, rather than being able to transactionally interact and maybe add a small amount of value." - Richard Clarke