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Ebook Is Your Automation Journey on a Dangerous Path?

Is Your Automation Journey on a Dangerous Path?

When thinking about your automation journey, it may seem like you are on the way to Oz via the yellow brick road.

Lions and tigers and bears are lurking in the forest to trip you up or send you off the beaten path. There is no question, dangers are lurking in the automation market. One of them is just the sheer volume of tools and the confusion created by such rapid change. Attended versus unattended, artificial intelligence, machine learning – what does it all mean?

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When harnessing the power of automation, an organization knits together a set of technologies to bring about true digital transformation. Of course, it may make sense to commit to just one automation technology to start with, but to optimize the power of automation and identify where these technologies can best be applied, an understanding of all the available options is important.