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Ebook Keeping Up with Shifting Digital Consumer Behavior

Keeping Up with Shifting Digital Consumer Behavior

The COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdowns put a massive strain on home broadband networks, as people began working from home in large numbers and families spent more time on their devices.

This shift in consumer behavior won’t go away, and businesses need to deliver better network experiences as every home becomes a digital-first property. Through adaptive WiFi that places more emphasis on providing intelligent, reliable connections and valuable services than just speed and signal strength, service providers can guarantee satisfaction, whatever the needs or requirements of their customers.

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While the media focus was rightly on the battle to save lives and protect the country’s vulnerable in 2020 and 2021, another war at home was being fought during lockdown – a war to keep people entertained and connected with loved ones.

Bringing the power of WiFi 6 into everyday homes

The era of the smart home has arrived. Deliver the network security and performance to match.

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