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Smarter WiFi for All

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Plume® is the creator of the world's first SaaS experience platform for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) and their subscribers, deployed in more than 30 million locations globally. As the only open and hardware-independent, cloud-controlled solution, Plume enables the rapid delivery of new services for smart homes, small businesses, and beyond at massive scale. On the front end, Plume delivers self-optimizing WiFi, cyber-security, access and parental controls, and more. CSPs get robust data- and AI-driven back-end applications for unprecedented visibility, insights, support, operations, and marketing. Plume leverages OpenSync™, an open-source framework that comes pre-integrated and supported on the leading silicon, CPE, and platform SDKs.

Building the Network of the Future


Network standards change regularly, meeting evolving business and consumer needs with higher speeds and more ways to connect.

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WiFi and internet connectivity problems account for more than half of all support issues for CSPs.

The Essential Foundation for Smart Home Success


Safe at Home? Taking Smart Home Security to the Next Level

Home network security has never been more important. Customers are enhancing their homes with an increasing number of smart home devices, many of which present unknown security risks. At the same time, the nature of work is changing, with more people than ever using their homes as offices.


A Guide to Building the Network of the Future

How can businesses take advantage of future networks, keep them secure, and highlight their value to customers?

Innovating to Adapt to a Post-Pandemic World

Innovating to Adapt to a Post-Pandemic World

While CSPs felt relatively few short-term impacts, the long-term implications will require the industry to adapt to a new post-pandemic world. Cutting costs will help offset some of the losses incurred due to the pandemic. But cuts only go so far. To emerge successfully from the economic downturn and continue to expand, CSPs must innovate.

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This paper explores untapped areas where technology can boost competitiveness. By becoming forward-thinkers, CSPs can greatly improve their customer satisfaction, promote loyalty, and decrease churn rates.

Putting the Adapt in Adaptive WiFi

Today, people are consuming more content than ever, and they need a strong WiFi connection to do so.

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