Powering Tomorrow's Business: Three Use Cases for SD-WAN

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Colt Technology Services Is the cloud meeting expectations?

Uncover the key drivers that position SD-WAN as the ultimate solution for today's and tomorrow's connectivity needs.

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Networking Is Not an Island— or Shouldn’t Be, Anyway

Divergent perspectives on corporate infrastructure and a tradition of dysfunctional relationships between security and networking teams has led to the need for a new approach that has them working in tandem. Learn why and how this is becoming the way of the future.

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Today, limiting security activities to the network edge is dangerously inadequate. As more and more employees are now working remotely, and business applications have started moving to SaaS and cloud models, the new business landscape has dramatically expanded the corporate attack surface. This has forced network and security teams to find new ways to enable connectivity while actively protecting traffic flows throughout the modern network, inspecting data moving among internal systems, out to the network edge, and up into the cloud.

The relationship between networking and security teams should reflect this natural evolution in responsibilities—but in many companies, it doesn’t.

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