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The State of Customer Experience in 2022/23


Today, leaders need to prioritize CX above all else. In fact, CX is so important that it has become an industry in itself. But what does this mean for organizations as a whole?

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Experience Evolution: Staying Ahead of Customer Expectations Through 2030 and Beyond

With smart advanced technologies and changing demographics driving the creation of new experiences for digitally savvy consumers, it’s a challenging task – in fact, recent research shows that few customers believe many brands deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

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This report gives all executives strategies to digitally transform - while keeping customers at the center of the business. It underscores SAS' belief that while technology solutions are at the core of CX transformation, companies need to also create the right operating models and have the right talent in place to succeed at CX – during both stable times and uncertain ones.

3/10 marketers still use minimal personalization such as salutation and name

Are You On Board With The Customer Journey?


88% of online shoppers say they wouldn't return to a website after having a bad experience

Here's How to Up Your UX Game


Turning Customers into Brand Advocates

How can we refine experiences using customer feedback and ultimately, develop loyal brand advocates?

Salesforce 6 Steps to Transformative Customer Service

6 Steps to Transformative Customer Service

When a consumer mentions your brand on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they don’t just hope for a response – they expect one. And with this in mind, social media is fast becoming the main stage to deliver real time engagement and secure customer loyalty. With customers already on social throughout the day, it’s essential your brand incorporates this new channel into your customer service strategy.

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Download this guide to learn:

  • 6 simple steps to transform your customer service with social media
  • Best practices for a social media strategy
  • Social listening and how to use it
  • The social KPI’s to track

Transform your customer service

To keep your customers around, you might want to turn your customer service agents into CX heroes.

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