16 Stats on the State of the CX Landscape in 2023


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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

With more and more businesses vying for the attention and loyalty of consumers, what can organizations do to stay ahead of the competition – and win over customers?

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16 Stats on the State of the CX Landscape in 2023

Nowadays, an outstanding customer experience (CX) is crucial for the functioning and growth of any organization. Ignoring this could have a significant negative impact on your business, as customers could potentially complain in mass and go look elsewhere.

In the wake of COVID-19, customers have become more selective and less patient with their choices of brands and products. In fact, 80% of customers now acknowledge that CX is a key differentiator when choosing what brand to buy from, according to Salesforce. Moreover, 67% of customers say they expect much higher positive experience from brands than ever before.

What’s more, global CX spending was estimated to reach $641 billion by the end of 2022. So, if your goal is to retain customers, you must offer a top-notch CX shaped by superior customer service, personalized offerings and a powerful omnichannel strategy.

However, many businesses struggle to meet their CX goals and exceed their customers’ expectations. In fact, 93% of CX leaders relied predominantly on customer satisfaction scores to assess their CX strategy, according to a recent McKinsey and Co report - but only 15% were happy with their method of evaluation. This clearly shows how limited and flawed relying solely on survey-based feedback is.

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So what are the other main CX challenges and how can businesses overcome them? What are the top reasons businesses fail to retain customers? And finally, what should businesses do to improve their CX moving forward?

Our research answers these questions by providing you with statistics, findings and insights from our latest report about the state of customer experience, enabling marketing leaders, directors and managers to calibrate their customer experience strategy.

IFP infographic on the state of the CX landscape in 2023

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