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Ebook Winningtemp - Understanding Employee Engagement in 2021

Understanding Employee Engagement in 2021

Lessons from a global pandemic

It’s been more than a year since the world heard the first mentions of the coronavirus. In a short period of time Covid-19 has dramatically changed the landscape and shape of how many of us work. It has challenged us to find new ways of working with each other when we all must be apart. It has encouraged us to be resourceful and adaptable, fluid, and flexible. This eBook will examine the effect that 2020 had on the wellbeing of the workforce, what is most important to them right now, and how you can tap into these insights within your own organisation.

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Recognising and supporting mental health concerns has never been more important. Employees need assistance not just in the here and now, but throughout 2021 and beyond. Mental health belongs at the top of all HR priorities. Always.