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Report Grokker 3 Steps to Achieving Real Value with Total Health Engagement

3 Steps to Achieving Real Value with Total Health Engagement

Is your wellness investment returning mountains of data — but no real results?

Traditional wellness programs have relied on bio-metric screenings and their requisite participation incentives, aiming to make employees aware of their riskiest lifestyle factors. That’s great, but here’s the catch: the pricey payout doesn’t move the needle on the underlying causes at the root of those conditions. Bio-metrics, while useful, are just tiny benchmarks — numbers that do nothing to help what’s ailing the employee in the first place. In this eBook, we’ll show you how to re-calibrate your workforce wellness budget toward total health engagement, ensuring your program drives participation and impact while delivering the success metrics that matter the most to your organization.

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Employee disengagement due to poor health costs US Employers $530 Billion each year.