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Report Sodexo The Essential Guide to Staff Health and Wellbeing

The Essential Guide to Staff Health and Wellbeing

Whether they’re coming in or staying at home, what effects do unwell employees have on a business?

Business buzzwords come and go, every month sees a new trend becoming ‘increasingly more important for employers’. However, employee wellbeing is becoming ever more important in the workplace, and this trend is set to continue. Employers are now seeing the benefits of supporting their staff through physical and mental issues – not only is this a way to boost productivity, it also shows you care as an employer and ultimately helps you build a positive employer image. Read this essential guide to find out ways you can support the health and wellbeing of your employees.

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  • 25.6 Million working days are lost each year due to work related illness
  • 45% of working days lost are caused by stress, depression and anxiety 
  • 30-66% of employees will go into work while unwell