The 5 Dangers of a Desk Job [Infographic]


Kevin ColburnCEO of DeskCycle

Friday, June 29, 2018

Whilst the dangers aren’t so obvious to most, there are still a number of potential health hazards working at a desk. Take a look at the infographic for a full list.

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The 5 Dangers of a Desk Job

One workplace trend that’s been hard to ignore lately has been the (literal) rise of sit-stand desks that allow someone to work while sitting or standing. Although they might seem frivolous, there’s a good amount of science behind the idea — as sitting still at a desk for hours at a time could be more hazardous to your health than you might think.

Unlike fishing for Alaskan king crab or being an ice road trucker, sitting at a desk may not be a dangerous enough subject to make a reality TV show about it. However, it still carries risks worth mentioning.

For example, sitting for extended periods puts the average office worker at risk for bad posture, poor circulation and weight gain. Because you remain in the same position for so long, your body misses crucial opportunities for exercise, which means your blood may have difficulty circulating and you won’t burn a sufficient amount of calories.

All of these reasons make it important for anyone with a desk job to make time for physical activity every hour or so. A standing desk is one way to avoid the negative consequences of sitting for too long. However, office workers also can take frequent exercise breaks, do some sitting exercises at their desks, or use a balance ball to encourage proper posture.

The following infographic contains many of the best reasons why you shouldn’t sit still for too long, as well as some ideas you can use to avoid it.

Deskcycle visualizes the health risks of sitting at a desk all day

Kevin Colburn

Kevin Colburn is CEO of DeskCycle, a leading provider of office fitness solutions. Colburn has 27 years of experience in product design and development — his current primary focus is product development. 


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