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Ebook 3 Account-Based Steps to (Re)build 2020 Pipeline

3 Account-Based Steps to (Re)build 2020 Pipeline

More than ever, you’re being asked to do more with less, rethink who you’re targeting and what they really need, and make sure your sales team is receiving the demand volume they need to stay afloat.

When resources are watched like a hawk and your audience may be more resistant than the days of 2019, what do you do? What playbook do you turn to? How do you (re)build pipeline to keep momentum?

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This eBook walks you through the 3 steps to rebuilding your pipeline:

  1. Get clear on 'ready-to-buy' signals and prioritize outreach
  2. Go digital and implelement the 3x3x3 ABM play
  3. Measure immediate impact and indicators of future demand